Urologic Pathology

Alliance Health Sciences offers comprehensive urology diagnostic services, designed to give you and your patients peace of mind. Our expertise leads to superior turnaround time, along with personalized customer service dedicated to the practice needs of urologists.

We provide rapid, trustworthy results for a variety of urology testing, including cytology, clinical and molecular diagnostic techniques.


We give you access to not only a full menu of diagnostic testing, but also our specialized pathologists with expertise in urologic pathology. In addition to collaborating with the leading academic pathology experts on rare and complex cases, our pathologists are available for physician consultations to better serve your practice.


  • Comprehensive testing menu. Click here to see full list of testing options.
  • Molecular studies including ERG and PTEN FISH
  • Same day, onsite access to latest immunohistochemical and molecular diagnostic techniques
  • Telephone calls for all malignancies and clinically relevant diagnoses as requested
  • Quarterly and annual summary reports
  • Complete IT connectivity solutions with personalized reporting options, including remote printing, online reporting and EMR/PMS interface options
  • Extensive managed care coverage